Welcome to a hacker's home.

We all know about hackers. They have an amazing knowledge about computer and network systems and use this to get around all kinds of restrictions, in good ways or bad ways. But how do they live? This website exposes the items that a hacker must have around the house in order to succeed in his mysterious work.

After he wakes up in the morning and takes a shower he uses:

How does he wash his clothes?

After putting on his fresh clothes he rinses his mouth with...

If he decides to do some cleaning the only chemical he will use is:

Before starting a long hacking session behind his computer he carefully applies this to his hands:

The only parcel service that he'll ever use:

His favourite drink is:

When he goes shopping for fruit, he only goes to one place:

If you know of any possible additions to this list contact me: ejtaal at gmail dot com